Our Story

I come from a keen gardening family with my Mum and my Aunt continuing to be a real inspiration to me.  And yet, despite being given my own patch of garden to plant up as a child, I really only caught the bug after I left home.  In the numerous flats I lived in over the years with no gardens I have always managed to fill my empty sills & steps to front doors with cascading displays of flowers in window boxes and pots.

Flower Pot Fairy almost happened by chance.  One day I made up a large ground pot as a present for my friends birthday. She loved it, dazzled by the winter flowering plants that were then surpassed by a burst of bulbs come the Spring.   Six months later the flowers needed to be refreshed so I decided to do something about this.  I dropped round to her house in the day & collected the pot from outside her front door to replenish with the new summer bedding that would see her through to the Autumn.  I returned the pot in the same day.    That evening she came home to find a “Flower Pot Fairy” had visited and transformed her pot - and so the idea was born. 

More recently, another friend who lives on our road had two of her own small flower pots disappear from outside her front door.  I heard she was really upset by this and saw an opportunity to turn this around.  Over in my favourite garden centre I sourced two slightly larger pots and filled a trolley with pansies, geraniums, lobelia and trailing ivy to plant up in them.  The work done I re-positioned the two pots anonymously. 

Eventually I responded to her Facebook enquiry and confirmed that the Flower Pot Fairy had indeed been in the area!   A year later they are still flourishing & looking beautiful.

I absolutely love flowers & plants.   Going into Garden Centres is like entering a sweet shop for me, the colours, scents & sheer volume of them in the greenhouses is intoxicating.  But more than all of this, I genuinely love the pleasure that a freshly planted pot or window box gives people.  Its the gift that keeps on giving as each planting last up to 6 months. 

I still marvel at my own pots and window boxes when the bulbs burst through and another wave of colour and beauty takes over.  Through the years I have really developed my knowledge and understanding of plants and now seek out certain shades of wall flower or unusual diascia or pansies.  I can offer one off pots and window boxes through to subscription services that will see you have flowers throughout the year.  Whatever you go for I hope that our bespoke service will bring you closer to sharing my passion for flowers and the pleasure they can bring.